Super Soccer Stars Circle Time

Lime's Class (2 years +): 10:00AM

Lemon's Class (6 months - 22 months): 10:30


In order to have the best experience possible, please read below before joining!

Details and Instructions:

Our goal for this season is to keep your kids active and healthy during this time away from school and other extracurriculars. We know you may not have a ton of space or soccer gear, but that's ok.


All you need to participate is right here in this helpful guide of household items that can be used for our classes.


Kids should come prepared with their version of a ball, goal, 5 cones and 5 spots.   

Instructions for Joining the Virtual Class: 

  1. Click the Class Link to go to your Virtual Class. Be sure to save this web address for future use, or just come back to this email

  2. If prompted, click "Open Zoom Meetings"

  3. You will be placed in a virtual waiting room until your coach starts class - hang tight!

  4. Once class starts, make sure your Display Name is your child's name as included on your class application 

  5. Have your camera and microphone turned on to fully interact with our coach, then have a blast!

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PRO TIP:  Be sure to pin your coach video so they stay in the main view. Hover over the coach's video and select "..." in the top right corner to pin the video