Spotlight Material: Ziploc Bags

Updated: Mar 31, 2020

From Art to Sensory, there are a million MESS FREE ways you can utilize Ziploc Bags.

What ages can utilize these activities?

ALL ages! Newborns can enjoy (supervised) tummy time on a squishy service and big kids will love writing or drawing in a unique way!

What in the world can my child (safely) do with a plastic bag?

Ziploc Bags are a great way to turn most sensory and art activities into a mess free experience.


  • Freezer gallon sized bags are thicker and hold up much better.

  • Avoid bags with the zippers and look for the press and seal for less leaks.

  • For super special and bigger scale activities you can find 2, 3, and even 10 gallon bags.

  • Do your best to get all air out of the bag before sealing.

  • Trim your little ones nails before trying these activities, those tiny nails are razor sharp and can easily rip bags.

  • Tape your bag down to the table or floor with painters tape. Duct tape is great but often rips the bag!

For Toddlers, try:

  • Mess Free Finger Painting

  • Mixing Colors

  • Draw letters and shapes and erase by wiping over (try adding in a q-tip as a writing utensil)

  • Shaving Cream - a soft sensory experience

  • Mess free slime - place ingredients inside the bag and mix it inside!

  • Water beads

  • Things from nature…(flowers, sticks, leaves in the fall….)

  • Make a piece of art to keep: place a piece of paper and squirt 1-3 paint colors inside of the bag

  • Oil and Water

  • Draw circles on the outside of the bag, fill the bag with water and beads or buttons; move the objects inside of the circles.

  • Hair gel, castor oil, and other liquids make for interesting textures inside!

  • Put it on the ground and explore with your toes!

  • Hang it on a window and enjoy the sun coming in through the bag!

For Babies/Younger children, try:

  • Different temperature water to crawl on (watch out for chewing or biting the bag!)

  • Oil and Water

  • An object inside of the bag that they can move around (pom pom ball, drinking straws, buttons, paper, etc)

  • Mess free painting!

  • Pom Pom/Cotton Balls and other textured items.

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