Not so Messy Water Play

Updated: Apr 2, 2020

Using water doesn't always have to be messy and it can provide hours (or at least 10 minutes!) of engaged play!


  • Towel

  • 2-4 bowls and/or cups

  • Sponge

  • Water


  • The less water in the bowls = less mess made

  • More and varying sizes of containers is more fun but also more mess

  • Add in a drop of food coloring to make it more interesting!

  • Mix two colors

What age is this activity best for?

This can really be great for all ages, 9 months and up. Once a little one can sit up well, they can enjoy playing with the sponges and the water in the bowl.

Building on this Activity

For older children, you can take the activity further by filling the bowl with more water and have children transfer all of the water by only using the sponge.

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