Pandemic Books & Resources for Toddlers

Updated: Aug 8, 2020

Millie and Suzie

Two doctors from California wrote this series of books about sisters Millie and Suzie (also check out their book on breaking a bone if it applies to your family!).

Age Group: 2

Books are FREE to download and hard copies can be purchased via Amazon.

Kid's Guide to the Coronavirus

This book, written by a social worker and psychologist, is recommended by the American Psychology Association touches on what is COVID, what it means for going out and about, and what little ones can do.

Age Group: 3-8 (could break it down for younger)

Free to download! Make sure to take advantage of the notes in the back of the book for tips on how to present the book and things to think about.

There is also a book for preteens if you have older siblings!

A Book About...

Age: 5+ (I think certain 3&4 year olds could understand some of these concepts as well)

COVID-19 Helpers


  • Ask them what they already know, what have they noticed?

  • Acknowledge their feelings and things they have noticed

  • Break up your time with the books; Just look at pictures and talk about the pages first

  • Great Places to follow on Insta

  • Make masks, hand washing as part of your routine

  • Try letting them practice on babydoll/stuffed animal

Additional Resources

Mouse Loves Pig -

​Zero to Three CDC

​Kids Health by Ne​

​Mouse Loves Pig - masks for babydoll/stuff animals ​

Instagram & Blogs

Mouse Loves Pig

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