Fine Motor Activities: Lacing

Get creative with materials at home to work on fine motor skills!

What age is this activity best for?

Ages 12 months and up; supervised! For smaller ones, try these fine motor activities.


  • Cheerios, Dry Pasta, or Pieces of Drinking Straws

  • Pipe Cleaner or Dry Spaghetti

  • Playdough


  • The spaghetti is pretty fragile, try putting a few strands together.

  • If you don't have playdough, you can make your own! (Or just utilize a creative use of tape to hold up the "stick").

Building on this Activity

  • For older children, you can use string or yarn to lace with. Shoe strings are great because they are stiff and easier to lace!

  • Try dying noodles for a fun sorting/necklace making activity.

  • If you are loving this activity, you may want to look into this Melissa and Doug toy; a Lemon Tree favorite!

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