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Why Should I Join a New Mom's Group?

  • Practice getting out of the house and attempting tasks in an environment where you know you'll have backup support

  • Mom to Mom support and ideas

  • Education and tips on a variety of topics (sleeping, feeding, soothing, figuring out child care, navigating life as a mom and a professional, returning to work, utilizing resources in the area, and more!)

  • Network with other professionals and stay at home moms

  • Connect with resources and local activities

  • Create lasting friendships with new moms in your neighborhood

Benefits Exclusive to Lemon Tree's New Mom's Program

  • Our group is designed to provide an intimate and comfortable setting so that everyone has a chance to express themselves and ask questions. Therefore, enrollment is limited to just 6 new moms. 

  • A variety of local experts as guest speakers

  • Snack provided each week

  • As your child grows, they can begin to explore and enjoy the play space 

  • Continuing get togethers with other groups to reconnect with one another and connect with other neighborhood families. 

Plus Size Models


Wednesday, April 14th - Wednesday, May 19th


Tuesday, May 4th - Tuesday, June 8th


1:00pm - 3:00pm*

*We've found smaller groups work better virtually, so depending on group size we will split the Tuesday groups to create a more intimate setting and add a weekly social call later in the week to connect with a larger circle of mamas. 

Remote Sessions Include: 

  • 6 Weekly Group Zoom Calls

  • 6 - 30 Minute Weekly Check-In/Troubleshooting Calls with Postpartum Doula

  • Small Group Sessions with Local Experts (Psychologist, Yoga Teacher, etc)

  • Resource Guide

  • Socially Distant In person Meet Up (optional) 



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“Thought instructor was great - I learned a lot from her -- about bath time, sleeping, games to play with baby. I also really enjoyed meeting and discussing issues with the other momsand getting their support. It was nice to know we were experiencing similar highs and lows.”




 WEEK 1: Introductions, Planning 

 WEEK 2: Sleep and Soothing 

 WEEK 3: Relationships After Baby + Navigating Life as a Mom

 WEEK 4: Your Body After Baby

 WEEK 5: Utilizing Community Activities + Awake Time

 WEEK 6: Child Care; What are the options & How do I transition? OR Transitioning back into Life as a Professional 


  • Carol Collins Yoga (Tranquil Space)

  • Dr. Emma Basch (Clinical Psychologist)

  • Fran Darnell (Dynamic Mama/Woman)

  • Nicole Coomber (Managing Motherhood)

  • Alicia Sokol (Barre3 14th Street Owner)

  • Mr. John (Politics and Prose/Bear Song)