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we are (almost) back!

and this time, we are doing things a little differently...

lemon tree is in the process of transitioning to a non profit entity.


through a combination of program fees, grants, and private donations, we hope to expand our previous ability to give scholarships and eventually reach a sliding fee scale for all programming.


since indoor playspace is difficult to find in our city, we hope to be able to share our space and resources with more organizations.

our mission

lemon tree's mission is to empower families and caregivers through access to purposeful play and community building.


how do we make sure we are a fun place to play while also honoring our mission throughout our programming?


we are intentional.

we are purposeful.

we are inclusive.

we are anti racist.

we are socially just.

we are community focused.



we are committed to continuously learning, evolving, and listening to our community.

what does this mean for families? 

what does this mean for our greater community? 

will there be a playgroup this Fall?

Families who can, will pay a little more. Families who can’t, won't.


We will offer a wider range of programming (not only is this more fun, it enables us to serve more families and serve them longer).

Members will have exposure to organizations in our community.


Your neighborhood will prioritize stronger play and educational equity.


Families will have opportunities to make more connections and meet more neighbors.


There will be more comprehensive resources for you and your family.

  • More engaged residents.

  • Making changes to have a direct impact on our community

  • We will Highlight and celebrate the diverse neighborhoods of our community.

  • Neighbors that know and support each other. 

  • Educating on issues that face all Washingtonians. 

  • Organizations that im

  • Raising children who see all forms diversity reflected in their daily lives. 

We wish we could say yes!

Unfortunately, as of now, it doesn't look likely that we will have our traditional, full time, playgroup ready to roll by September 2021.  be on the lookout for non-traditional classroom play opportunities and a re-open date in the future!  

stay in touch

connect with us and follow along through social media and our mailing list.